Success Stories

Bedford Road

Bedford Road, a 15-year-old Thoroughbred gelding and favorite of the Second Chance Ranch Equine Facilitated Learning program, is among 40 horses at the facility to receive core vaccines through the UHVRC.

“The cost of managing a large herd has become overwhelming with today’s economy...I am so grateful to AAEP and Merck Animal Health for their generosity!”Katie Merwick
Executive Director of Second Chance Ranch
Thorp, WA

Magic Pony

Magic Pony, a 22-year-old “equine therapist” at Rescued Dreams Ranch is among six horses at the facility to receive core vaccines from the UHVRC in 2016.

“The complimentary vaccines from the UHVRC help enable us to serve our community and meet the standard of healthcare that our horses deserve. I appreciate Merck Animal Health and the AAEP removing this expense from our plate.”Cara Zehnder
Co-founder of Rescued Dreams Ranch
North Canton, OH


Matthew is among the 20 rescues at Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue to receive core vaccinations through the UHVRC this spring. Matthew had been left in a field and handled minimally for years prior to being rescued in 2012 and now is used for shows and as an occasional fill in for lessons and therapy needs.


Mystic is among the 40 rescues at Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary to receive core vaccinations through the UHVRC this spring.


“Noel,” more than 200 pounds underweight and infested with intestinal parasites when she arrived at MSSPA in December 2015, is among the horses at the facility to benefit from core vaccines through the UHVRC in 2017.

“The costs associated with the care of more than 50 equines sheltered here are tremendous...the generous donation of core vaccines made by Merck Animal Health and the AAEP will help us keep the animals in MSSPA barns healthy and the associated expenses under control.” Meris Bickford

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